What does Aryaa mean?

Aryaa is Lineage,  Tradition,  Spiritual Connection and Purity

The History of Aryaa

 Our CEO’s family's connection to Āryavanshi goes back to mythical times of India. In more Modern times, the Hindu sect of Arya Samaj (society of Arya), practices a connection to Source.  

    • 1970’s, New Delhi, India, Som Dev Hans and Aryaa’s CEO grandfather (was politically elected as Som Dev Arya) the head ofArya Samaj. 
    • 1980’s, Mr. Bhim Sain Hans (Aryaa’s CEO father) created a brand of spices calledArya Masalas. His belief was that pure spices sourced from the farm and blended in just the right way was healing to the body and spirit and brought souls together.
    • In 2010, Aryaa’s CEO Kamal J Hans, welcomed his daughterKarina Arya.  This event deepened his connection with a higher purpose as well as his understanding of how and why we are all interconnected. His obsession with embodying Eternal Truths and impacting every soul possible through health, nutrition, energy, experience became his mission. Aryaa Organic is the outcome.
    • Beginning of 2020, Aryaa evolved.  the addition of new Aryaa team members continues to infuse purpose, energy and gifts into what we share with you. 

        Mission, Vision and Guiding Lights

        Aryaa's Reason for Being

        The Aryaa team was tired of the chronic diseases, fatigue, & quality of life issues facing loved ones & themselves in today's disconnected world. That's why we  embarked on a journey across the world to experience the magic of healing, ancient foods, and rituals. Now, we have returned with a mission to bring Ancient Wisdom into Modern Life through Aryaa Organic.

        Aryaa is not just about eating for health, but conceives Food as Medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. We're working with ancient communities to remember rituals that bring families and communities together, creating experiences that can shift life into something more magical.

        Join Aryaa in rediscovering the power of food, energy, and ancient wisdom - a taste that can change your life.

        More Reasons Why

        A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one.” - Confucius  Our lives do not thrive without health. While we traveled and met people from these ancient cultures, we saw families where 4 generations lived healthy, energetic, and under one roof. We asked, what could they share about their food, rituals, and how they prepared them. What ancestral wisdom was passed down that healed and maintained the body in a state of balance and harmony? We found Ancient Recipes worked!  Families ate together with food the was Love infused!

        Aryaa's Mission

        Aryaa's mission is to share insight into how you think about food, what you put into your body (Food as Medicine), and the critical connection between mind, body, and spirit.

        Where do we Begin?

        1. Connect to and research global cultures and ancient wisdom.
        2. Discover (remember) health and wellness products that are from these cultures and can provide benefit to modern life (1,000 years old or more).
        3. Co-create with elders from these communities the "right" products allowing for a deeper dive into these cultures.

        What Makes our Products Unique?

        We check the boxes of Organic, Sustainable, and Traditionally grown. Where we differ, Love: every product is infused with 528hz. We have our products blessed by the Elders of each community we work with. We believe in many levels of truth - keep digging with us...

        Aryaa's View of the World

        We envision a society with integrated mind/body/spirit. We are One. A world where Healthy and nutritious organic and accessible food is readily available, connecting us to each other through Global culture (our roots and those of our neighbors) and, mind/body/spirit.

            Can one drop of something more shift a persons life trajectory 2mm?

              Aryaa Organic is a phenomenon that is transforming the way of doing business, based on three main concepts: Consciousness, Wellness and, Wisdom. These together with ancient cultures revives or brings to modern life: Products, Services and, Models (Rituals/Experiences) with the aim of elevating humanity 2mm. We envision this 2mm shift leading to a closer and more coherent society.

              Why Create Aryaa?

              The energy and intent behind creating Aryaa.  We as stakeholders get to create with Aryaa and believe:
                • Each Aryaa stakeholder pours their service, unconditional love and passion into it.
                • This energy, contribution, intent, skill and love from each being is transmitted.  Aryaa receives it.
                • These energies multiply and add further substance.
                • Aryaa transforms into a vehicle more capable of serving all of our partners, farmers, cultural elders, clients the light bringer and is magnetizing to all those who are aligned with our need to serve and bridge the wisdom of ancient culture and modern life.
                • Our expansion includes more and more ancient cultures for us to serve and serve you.
                • Our purpose is to infuse our collective light and energy into the child to heal all beings in creation.
                • The contribution of the Guardians is rewarded through this healing.
                • Serve as a bridge from ancient wisdom to modern times
                  To recover our Lost Soul, we must re-connect with the sacred aspects of Mother Gaia, Culture, Community and Gratitude. By bringing Ancient Wisdom into Modern Life, Aryaa brings back Ancient Secrets (Food as Medicine), Rituals where families and communities came together (The Why of It), Shares methods and manners of wonder where the rediscovery of something magical turns a moment into a lifetime… Fill the void where modern living has forgotten ancient wisdom.