A Journey Through Lineage, Tradition, and Spiritual Awakening


The Ancestral Roots of Aryaa Tracing its origins to the mystical eras of India, the lineage of Aryaa's CEO is deeply intertwined with the Āryavanshi, symbolizing a legacy steeped in tradition and spiritual connection. This bond was further nurtured in the modern context by the Hindu group Arya Samaj, an embodiment of a profound connection to the Source.

A Legacy Forged in New Delhi In the vibrant atmosphere of 1970s New Delhi, Aryaa's historical journey took a significant turn. The CEO's grandfather, Som Dev Hans, known politically as Som Dev Arya, became the head of Arya Samaj, fostering a community deeply rooted in spiritual practices and eternal truths.

The Spice of Life in the 1980s The 1980s marked a pivotal chapter with Mr. Bhim Sain Hans, Aryaa's CEO's father, introducing Arya Masalas. He believed in the healing power of pure, farm-sourced spices, meticulously blended to nourish both body and spirit, bringing people together in a celebration of taste and tradition.

A New Generation and a Renewed Mission In 2010, a significant event unfolded as Kamal J Hans, Aryaa's CEO, welcomed his daughter, Karina Arya. This joyous occasion deepened his sense of purpose and understanding of life's interconnections. Driven by a passion to embody eternal truths and make a meaningful impact through health, nutrition, and energy, Kamal's vision gave birth to Aryaa Organic.

The Evolution of Aryaa in 2020 As 2020 dawned, Aryaa Organic underwent a transformative evolution. With the addition of new team members, each bringing their unique energy and gifts, Aryaa Organic blossomed into an entity dedicated to sharing purpose, wellness, and ancient wisdom with the world.

This narrative of Aryaa Organic is more than a history; it's a journey that invites you to become part of a legacy where tradition meets modernity, and spiritual awakening enriches every aspect of life. Join us as we continue to weave this tapestry of lineage, tradition, and purity.

Mission, Vision and Guiding Lights

Our Essence: Healing Through Ancient Traditions At Aryaa Organic, we emerged from a deep-seated desire to address the chronic ailments, fatigue, and declining quality of life we observed in our loved ones and ourselves. We recognized these challenges as symptoms of a broader disconnection fostered by modern lifestyles. Our journey across the globe brought us face-to-face with ancient foods, healing rituals, and the profound wisdom of Elders. These experiences revealed to us the transformative power of ancestral knowledge – a magic begging to be shared.

We asked, "What if food could reclaim its role as medicine? How could traditional rituals foster community and familial bonds?" 

Our Mission: Rediscovering Ancestral Health Secrets“Aryaa Organic is dedicated to regenerating mind, body, and spirit through healing foods and ancient wisdom, harnessing the transformative power of food as medicine”.

Our Vision: A Harmonious World United in Wellness“Aryaa Organic is a bridge that connects you to ancient wisdom, cultural traditions, and a higher purpose, inviting you to rediscover your roots and embrace the power of unity.

Journey to Wellness:We delved into the lifestyles of families where health and vitality spanned generations. Our exploration into their dietary habits, rituals, and food preparation methods uncovered ancestral wisdom that promotes balance and harmony. At Aryaa, every meal is an infusion of love and ancient culinary secrets.

The Aryaa Phenomenon: Consciousness, Wellness, and Wisdom Aryaa Organic represents a new business paradigm, rooted in consciousness, wellness, and wisdom. We are reinvigorating modern life with products, services, and experiences drawn from ancient cultures. Our goal is to effect a subtle yet profound 2mm shift in humanity, nudging society toward greater cohesion and understanding.

The Heart of Aryaa: Guardians of a Sacred Mission The creation of Aryaa stems from a collective desire to serve and enlighten. As guardians of Aryaa, we infuse our purity, service, love, and passion into our endeavor. This collective energy transforms Aryaa into a potent vessel for healing, connecting us with our partners, farmers, cultural Elders, and clients. Our expansion is a journey to embrace more ancient cultures, sharing their wisdom for the betterment of all.

Our Purpose: Bridging Wisdom Across Time Aryaa Organic is more than a brand; it's a mission to recover our collective soul. We strive to reconnect with the sacred aspects of Mother Earth, culture, community, and gratitude. By interweaving ancient wisdom with the fabric of modern life, Aryaa reawakens long-forgotten secrets and rituals, filling the void left by contemporary living and leading us back to our roots.

Uniqueness in Every Product
Tradition, Love, Elder Blessings, and Sacred Geometry

At Aryaa Organic, our products are a tapestry of tradition, love, spiritual wisdom, and the profound influence of sacred geometry. Beyond being organic and sustainable, each item is crafted with heartfelt devotion and a deep respect for age-old traditions. We enrich every product with the healing frequency of 528hz, known for its harmonious and restorative properties.

Our commitment to authenticity and holistic wellness extends to the blessings of community Elders. These venerable figures imbue our offerings with their wisdom and spiritual energy, connecting our products to a lineage of ancient knowledge and practices.

Adding to this rich blend is the incorporation of sacred geometry. Each product carries patterns and symbols inspired by this ancient art, believed to resonate with the fundamental harmonies of the universe. This integration of sacred geometry brings an additional layer of infusion, aligning our products not just with physical wellness but with universal energies.

By choosing Aryaa Organic, you are not just opting for a product; you are engaging with a legacy of holistic health, spiritual depth, and the unity of the universe. Our products are more than consumables; they are symbols of interconnectedness, designed to nourish both the body and the soul.