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“Do you know what your spirit animal is? Because you just walked in with a Jaguar”...

Where are we?

A week long Dr. Joe Dispenza conference - amazing connections. A magical Mexican sunrise and I surrender to what the day might bring. Annie has arranged a meeting with a Shaman - I have no idea where we are going. We drive into Izamal, Mexico - the sign for Zona Arqueologica appears and we pull upto the Sancutary.

The white gate opens, the energy feels amazing. The Shaman (Don Israel), dressed in white appears - he says "Excellente, Brilliante!." Don Israel, asks in Spanish, what is your spirit animal? My Spanish is very basic, fortunately, Annie is fluent and translates, "I don't know", I say. He said a Jaguar entered by your side. He then tells Annie, "You are a Golden Angel." Don Israel performs a purification ceremony. We feel uplifted. The energy is flowing and the 1,000 year old Mayan alter appears.


A Cacao ceremony commences in this sacred site. The rich, buttery and nutty flavors of Cacao coated in sacred Honey flows into my body. One round and then another breath, I leave my body. It is now pitch black, I see emerald eyes. The eyes pull me closer and lead me deeper into the quantum. After some time, the eyes stops and a black face appears. Light emanates, a Black Jaguar appears. Love pours into my being. I fill up, somehow, I know she (the Jaguar) loves me. I ask "May I enter your heart". She says "Yes".

A deep humming sound fills my every pore. A love more complete and deeper than any I had experienced in this lifetime permeates my being. As the warmth and the hum became one, I travel in this magic being, through her heart and into her eyes. This is when I saw an archway. The arch was made of reddish brown stone. There were drums beating In the background. The smell of sweet air and warmth fill my essence and I walk on the stone path through the archway.

Ancient Maya

I see Mayan children, women, men and elders. We greet each other warmly. I am carrying a garland, a pyramid appears in front of me. I ascend the pyramid and see two wooden chairs with ornate birds carved on the top. The chairs are inside indentations in the pyramid. There is a woman with her back to me and I place the garland around her neck. She looks at me, it is Annie. We then turn, look out and, see hundreds of Mayans, lush jungle, animals, birds, flowers and the air is pure. A sense of peace, wonder, love and light lifts me and I open my eyes.

I saw and communed with Mayan children, women, men and elders. I ascended the pyramid and saw 2 wood chairs with ornate birds carved in the head area. The chairs were inside of indentations in the stone , on the top of the pyramid. There was a woman with her back to me and I placed a garland around her neck. I then turned to look out into the horizon and saw so many of my people, the Mayans, lush jungle, animals, birds, flowers and the air was pure. A sense of peace, wonder, love and light lifted me and I opened my eyes.

Priest and Priestess

The Shaman finishes the ceremony, looks at me and Annie and says Excellente, Brilliante! He calls his wife, Nancy, over and asks her if she sees the light. She does. He says "the light pulsing off of Kamal and Annie intersect, blend and complete each others circle." Then he says, "You and she were Priest and Priestess of this Sanctuary lifetimes ago." A sense of love, wonder, passion and bliss flooded me


With this new found sense of wonder, earthiness and power flowing within me, I decided to goto the ruins with Nancy, the shamans wife. While they were indeed ruins and completely empty, I felt and saw what had been there. After ascending the steps of the pyramid and then sitting cross legged in the indentation, where the chairs were from my vision, I began my meditation. As I finished my first set, I was transported again to when the pyramid was pulsing with life, the sky was dark, the stars twinkling. I entered my body which was entangled with my partner in that lifetime engaged in a sacred ceremony of oneness with the Cosmos. In this world, it began to pour rain and I came back to go back to the Sanctuary.

Note: I had not seen or visited the pyramid from my visio

I was reborn. I returned to the sanctuary and Annie had just completed her energetic cleansing. It was from this state of purity that I entered the sacred tent for my cleansing. The energy pulsed and flowed through my body as I communed with the Mother and felt the strength of the Jaguar flowing in my veins. It was a journey of peace, love and emptiness, the kind that is cleansing, one that wants nothing of you, simply to allow you to heal. The cleansing lifted me to another level. I finished this part and it was Annie's for her Chakral balancing and egg ceremony.

Egg Ceremony

The steps back were powerful, grounded and purposeful. I was home. Annie finished her ceremony and it was now my turn to balance and cleanse my chakras and undergo the egg ceremony. Again the Shaman saw me and said excellente, Mas fuerte. You have power flowing through your every cell. I knew this was true. I had one of the most powerful journeys and cleansing I could possibly imagine. The mother (earth), central heart (father), on Union of oneness with spheres of light that are each a soul and light within the universe. Drowning in my own 3D cage and suffering in the dark until surrendering to the path my higher soul had chosen for me. Reconnecting to the sacred place of the Mayans and experiencing Divine Union as I transported back lifetimes ago under the stars on top of the pyramid. As I completed my journey, the Shaman brought me back. I couldn't move, could only speak a few words of Spanish (not English or Hindi) and laid on the table

In bliss, Annie asked me if I needed help. After what felt like eternity, I said yes and she came in. "Cada Vida Tu y Tu y Tu." were the only words that came out of my mouth, I repeated them again and again. The light of this angel healed me in ways I didn't know needed healing. She lifted me up and I rose from the place I was stuck. Annie and I switched, so she could begin her alignment and cleansing ceremony.

I no longer needed my shirt. I was powerful and eternal love was warming my every cell. I walked in the sanctuary, communed with the birds (we spoke to each other "Siiii! (Yes!)" and flowed with purpose. The Shaman said to me:

"Your path is clear, the blocks have been removed and the poison within has been cleansed. It will take time to complete. As long as your heart remains pure, your process will continue."

I danced in the rain, connected with my soul brother, Scott, and went back to the altar. When I returned to the sacred tent, Annie was releasing years of pain, blocks and her heart, body and soul were flowing such that the light emanating through the curtains (behind which she was receiving the healing) was pulsating. The Shaman opened the curtain and motioned me towards him. I looked at his wife and she shrugged. I moved towards the curtain and he had me assist with Annie's feet and the connection to Mother Gaia and the release of the stagnant energy thought the soles.

After 10 minutes he cleansed my hands and I moved outside while she finished. As if in a dream, I was drawn back into the tent and asked if Annie needed help. After a few minutes, she said please. I went in, connected with the Mother through my heart and transferred healing grounded energy into the soles of her feet and every energy center. She returned to this plane and was glowing with open radiance.


One more ceremony. Balancing and clearing. I laid down and immediately transported to the pyramid - this time everything was black. I was drowning. Again, I surrendered. The light started appearing, the Jaguar spoke to me and guided me back. I laid on the table and this time could only speak the following:

"Ki'ichkelem Taat, Kichkelem Yuum"...

In the name of the All Powerful One, with all of my Heart, I invoke you to instill your Power and your Light into the hearts of my sister and my brother so they can continue to shine their own power, their own strength. Through these Sacred Cacao seeds may they connect to your Power and give them all they need at this present time to allow them to follow their journey and connect to their essence and their Power.

The Shaman heard me speaking and shared that this was the eternal Cacao ritual. Soon thereafter, the Shaman brought each of us out and asked if we were ready. He said to me your path is clear, the power flowing through you is for the service of humanity and the greatest good. For Annie, he said your 3rd eye has been blocked and is now finally clearing. Your vision, integration and connection with the Mother, the central heart and the power of your vision will become complete.

The Shaman looked at us and said: " There is a calling - I will bless it "

This is the origin story of the Eternal Aryaa Cacao & Honey drink

Izamal, Yucatan - Mexico

June 2021

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