Aryaa Organic Haritaki Powder (Organic)

Energy Infused Aryaa Organic Haritaki Powder (Indian Walnut)
Haritaki is a miraculous Ayurvedic fruit called Indian Walnut. It is reputed to have innumerable benefits and is used in a wide variety of traditional remedies. In ancient folklore, a drop of Amrit ("eternal nectar") fell from heaven to the Earth and gave rise to this divine tree. Haritaki is considered a rejuvenating herb and a remedy for a variety of ailments*. Many spiritual traditions share that Haritakicleanses the pineal glandof toxins and enables users to access their intuition more powerfully.

Haritaki is also known as the “King of Medicines” because of its reputed extraordinary healing powers*.Aryaa Organic's Energy Infused Organic Haritaki Powderhas an abundance of powerful antioxidants and nutrients.

Suggestions for use:Haritaki
  • Haritaki Healing Mask:  Mix 1/4 tsp of coconut oil and with 1/2 tsp of Haritaki powder. Make it into a paste and apply on the wound for faster healing or as a rejuvenating face mask. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Brain Power Smoothie:Add 1/4-1/2 tsp of Haritaki powder to your favorite smoothie or juice.
  • Dandruff:Mix Haritaki powder along with amla powder. Add water to make a paste. Apply this mixture onto your hair and keep it on for 1 hour. Wash off with cool water and condition your hair.
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