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Aryaa Organic Amla Whole (Dried Indian Gooseberries)- Energy Infused

Aryaa Organic Energy Infused Whole Amla (Indian Gooseberries)
The most revered Berry in the entire subcontinent of India”   Amla berries, also called Indian Gooseberries orAmalaki, is popularly known in Sanskrit and in ancient texts of Ayurveda, as “Mother, Nurse, and Immortality” 

Aryaa Organic’s Energy infused Whole Amla is a tangy and delicious addition to many recipes.  It is high in fiber and a 100-gram serving of fresh Amla berries containsas much vitamin C as 20 oranges!

Suggestions for use:
Soak it in hot water for 30 minutesto rehydrate, and use it to make gooseberry chutneys, pickled gooseberries, dried amla candy and more.
Ingredients: 100% Pure Indian Gooseberries

Aryaa Organic carefully sources the best tasting and healthiest fruits and herbs.Embodying Eternal Truths and Changing Lives