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The Perfect Comfort Food

Are you ready to Detoxify your Body and Mind to boost your energy, concentration, aid with weight loss and have great digestion? 

  • 8g of protein and 12g of dietary fiber per serving
  • Highly nutritious; rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Energy Infused with the frequency of 528hz (Love vibrations)

*10% of Net go to the Save Soil movement.

2,500-year-old Ayurvedic Detoxification treasure

  • 12-14 servings of delicious and detoxifying Moong Bean Soup Elixir
  • 1 week (3 daily meals) Detox Plan included!
  • Organic Moong beans, Complete Ancient Spice Set, and Organic Grass-fed ghee
  • 16 grams of plant-based protein and 15 grams of soluble fiber per cup of beans.
  • An incredible healing food that also improves digestion

*10% of net goes to the Ancient Secrets Foundation


  • Calms Down Indigestion through a combination of Rose Petal Paste (Gulkand), Menthol, and Fennel seeds.
  • Fennel and Cardamom seeds are effective in balancing the pH in the mouth, which may help prevent the development of bad breath.
  • 528hz Solfeggio Sound Frequency Infused.

* 10% of the net from your purchase goes to Mission Neem 5

sweet & sour mango slices with Pomegranate powder

  • Our Sweet and Tangy Pomegranate (Anar) Masala blend, has an earthy, nutty, spicy and warm flavor, aiding with digestion.
  • Low in fat
  • Contains fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin C, which helps improves iron absorption, helps defend cells from damage and aids the immune system.
  • A healthy and One-of-a Kind snack that will ignite your taste buds!

*10% of the net from your purchase goes to Mission Neem 5.