Aryaa Organic Amla Sweet - Indian Gooseberries

Aryaa Organic Energy Infused Sweet Amla -Indian Gooseberries
The most revered Berry in the entire subcontinent of India”  Amla berries, also called Indian Gooseberries or Amalaki, is popularly known in Sanskrit and in ancient texts of Ayurveda, as “Mother, Nurse, and Immortality”

Aryaa Organic’s Energy infused Sweet Amlais high in fiber and a tangy and delicious treat. A 100-gram serving of fresh Amla berries contains as much vitamin C as 20 oranges!

Enjoy this Superfood Energy Snack at home or on the go! And share it with your friends and family.
Ingredients:Pure dried Indian Gooseberries, Raw Sugar
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