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Aryaa Organic Amla Sour Dried (Indian Gooseberries) Energy Infused

Energy Infused Amla Sour Dried (Indian Gooseberries)

The most revered Berry in the entire subcontinent of India”.   Amla berries, also called Indian Gooseberries or Amalaki, is popularly known in Sanskrit and in ancient texts of Ayurveda, as “Mother, Nurse, and Immortality”.

Aryaa Organic Energy Infused Sour Dried Amla contains Black Salt which is surprisingly low in sodium and contains important minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium.  The special spice blend also combines all the benefits of Caraway Seeds, and Long Pepper.  
Indian Gooseberries are the Superfood You Never Knew Existed.  100 grams of Amla berries contain 20 times more vitamin Cthan an orange. Amla is a high fiber and low calorie treat.  

Suggested use:Enjoy a few pieces of Sour Dried Amla after every meal or as a snack.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Dried Indian Amla, Caraway Seeds, Long Pepper, Black Salt, Citric Acid

 Aryaa Organic carefully sources the best tasting and healthiest fruits and herbs. Embodying Eternal Truths and Changing Lives. Aryaa Organic